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01 Nov. 2016

IJEP Internship Program 2016    Jaiswal Akshaykumar(IIT Kharagpur)

・affiliation :Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute Technology of Kharagpur
・duration :May 8th-July 15th, 2016
・program :Prof. Jun YANAGIMOTO' laboratory

Internships are crucial in determining future goal. Students who wish to go for higher studies and continue their career in research field foreign research Internships are really important for them. The University of Tokyo offers this kind of internship opportunity for Indian students through IJEP Internship program.

As a part of this internship you will be working as an important member of one of the laboratories in The UTokyo. You will be given equal importance as other members of the lab. Facilities provided by my lab during Internship was really awesome. One mentor is allotted to each student who will be taking care of you during your overall stay. People in my lab were very helpful. Everyone was always ready to help me. The thing that I liked most was weekly meeting in lab in which you are supposed to present your research progress. This help in moving forward by getting suggestion from professor.

Moving on to very important point ‘social life’. I would like to say that this Internship period was most memorable time of my lifetime. Be it late night going out with lab members, watching movies with lab members in lab, listening to professor singing or going on really memorable lab trip, I enjoyed each and every thing I did there. During IJEP, There were many events organised this helped me to know other members selected for Internship. I made friends for lifetime there. Best part of Internship was cross cultural talks. Japan being country whose culture is very different from India that made it more wonderful.

Overall I would like to say life in Tokyo was ‘Work Hard and Party Harder’ type. I not only enjoyed my stay there but also cleared my doubts regarding future goals during this Internship. I returned with bag full experience and more matured in all prospects.

Here are some pictures that will describe a little bit about my stay,