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02 Oct. 2016

IJEP Internship Program 2016     Keshav Patil (IIT Kharagpur)

・affiliation :Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute Technology of Kharagpur
・duration :May 18th-July 20th, 2016
・program :Prof. Junichiro Shiomi's Laboratory

IJEP Internship Experience


IJEP is one of a unique life time experience one is privileged to have and wouldn’t be able to thank it enough. Let me start with my experience chronology. When I  got to know that I was selected for a summer internship under the India-Japan Industry-Academia-Government Collaborative Education Program, my happiness knew no bounds at all as this was the first time I was going to travel abroad and that too Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun.  You would be given a list of around 20 Labs and asked to put forth your preference for which one you would like to work with. I was selected in the Shiomi Lab based on my preference.


The internship was totally funded with air tickets too, how  could one ask for  anything more!  but that is not where it stops. I received such heart warming welcome on my first day at The University of Tokyo, one that I could never forget. The splendid architecture of the campus, especially the arcade would take you by awe.