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Students’ Voice

India Tour Report 2019        Ryoji Okuda (UTokyo)
24 Apr. 2019
India Tour Report 2019     Chiaki Furusawa (UTokyo)
24 Apr. 2019
India Tour Report 2019        Kosetsu Uji (UTokyo)
24 Apr. 2019
India Tour Report 2019        Tatsuya Otsuki (UTokyo)
24 Apr. 2019
India Tour Report 2019        Wenyue Xuan (UTokyo)
24 Apr. 2019
Before this tour, I have never been to India. I guess the impression I held about India was a mixture of facts, imagination, and maybe even stereotypes. Thanks to the program offered by ・・・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2018  Prateek Kumar (IITHyderabad)
05 Oct. 2018
I was interning at the University of Tokyo during the summer after the 3rd year of my B. Tech. This was the first time I visited any foreign country. The University of Tokyo, Hongo campus is ・・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2018   Keerthi Suresh (IIT Madras)
05 Oct. 2018
A research internship at the University of Tokyo was a dream come true for me. From being exposed to a really advanced research environment to being able to experience Japanese culture ・・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2018  Pourush Sood (IITKharagpur)
05 Oct. 2018
Research: The quality of research at the University of Tokyo is incredible. It was quite awe-inspiring to see how much thought actually goes in each step of the work. My sensei gave me ・・・・・
India Tour Report 2018
04 Apr. 2018
IJEP Internship Program 2017     Surya Dwarakanath (IIT Kharagpur)
21 Aug. 2017
First time abroad, not knowing what to expect I landed at the Narita Airport on the 9th of May. For paying my first rent I had to go to Shinjuku and there, I got lost! Shinjuku for me, seemed ・・・・・