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IJEP Internship Program 2016 (Closed)



The India-Japan Education Program (IJEP) is a collaborative industry-academia-government linking effort that was adopted by at the University of Tokyo as part of the Re-Inventing Japan Project (The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan) in 2014 .

The IJEP Internship Program, organized by the School of Engineering and the School of Information Science and Technology, provides research internships for students from collaborative Indian institutions in the fields of railway technology, social infrastructure systems, innovation, technology management, and information science. The candidates of the internship are expected to have a strong interest in pursuing graduate level studies at the University of Tokyo.

2.Host labs

Students will be hosted by one of the laboratories listed in the file (Host Labs List). The special academic conditions required for research from each lab is also provied in the file.

3.Requirements and eligibility

IJEP Internship Program applicants must:
o Be full-time students enrolled in one of IJEP collaborating institutions (IIT Kanpur, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madras and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)
o Bachelor students should have completed at least three full years in a bachelor’s degree program by the beginning of the internship, and master’s students should have the bachelor degree in engineering.
o Have a strong record of academic performance


Between May 1, 2016 ?July 31, 2016 ?(Minimum 62 days)

5.Number of participants

Up to 10 students

6.Financial support

Stipend: JPY 240,000 for the whole duration of the internship (JASSO scholarship)
Travel Allowance: Round-trip flight ticket from the nearest airport in India to Tokyo

Although IJEP will endeavor to accommodate students with university lodging, housing should be arranged by the participating students. The payment for the housing shall be the responsibility of the participating students.


The programl adopts the online application system T-cens ( The applicant is asked to create an account in T-cens system, then fill the application form and submit the required files online. The applicant should prepare the below files for submission through T-cens system.
o Personal statement (Download)
Letter of Recommendation issued by applicant’s supervising faculty member (Download)
Scanned copy of latest Academic Transcripts (including both terms from the previous academic year); Master’s student should also submit the bachelor’s academic transcript

8.Application period

10:00 November 16, 2015 (JST)~ 15:00 December 15, 2015 (JST)

9.Selection announcement

March 1, 2016
Selected students will be notified directly by email and from T-cens.

10.FAQ (As on Dec 12, 2015)

Q: Do I need to contact the host professor in The University of Tokyo?
A: No, you don’t need to contact in advance. Selection will be done by submitted documents.

Q:  When will the online application start?
A:  Online application is scheduled to start on November 16.

Q:  Do we fill in only one choice for host lab?
A:  Yes, we request applicants to choose one lab only.

Q:  Is prior knowledge of Japanese advisable?
A:  No, Japanese proficiency is not necessary.

Q: Can I apply other faculty and school, such Faculty of Agriculture?
A:  No. This program is organized by the the School of Engineering and the School of Information Science and Technology. Regarding to the other faculty, please contact them by yourself.

Q: How can I submit the letter of recommendation ?
A:  You can scan the letter of recommendation and upload the pdf file to T-cens system. If your refree wants to send the letter of recommendation directly instead of going through the student, please ask him/her to send it to? directly.

Q: Will JASSO scholarship be provided monthly or total for complete internship period?
A stipend of JPY 240000 JASSO scholarship is for the whole duration of the internship.

Q: Should the referee have to use the dedesignated template for the reference letter?
You can either use the sample template shown at T-cens or any form of letter. You do not have to stick to the template and any format would be fine with us.

Q: I don’t have my passport yet. Can I upload any other personal documentation?
You could upload other document which verify your identification, such as your student ID card, if your passport is not ready.

Q: I am from other university other than the collaborative institudes. Can I have any chance to apply this internship?
This program is open to full-time students of IJEP collaborating institutions (IIT Kanpur, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madras and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore) only.

Q: When is the application deadline?
A: The deadline will be 15:00 December 15, 2015 (JST). Any unsubmitted application after that will be treated as invalid application.


Before you want to contact us for your enquiry, please do read the above description and FAQs carefully in advance. It could answer most of the questions. We will neglect the enquiry which has been listed in FAQ.
IJEP secretariat??

(Updated on Dec.12 2015)