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01 Sep. 2016

IJEP Internship Program 2016     Chinmay Chandak(IIT Hyderabad)

・affiliation :Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Hyderabad
・duration :May 13th-July 18th, 2016
・program :Prof. Naoki KOBAYASHI's laboratory

Instead of writing a long-winded report having an experience filled with positive cliched comments,
I thought it would be better to modularize on certain aspects and I believe these would make you
consider this particular internship program.

1) Academia effect!
Of course, the main motivation of applying to a research internship is to improve your technological
skills, critical reasoning & perception and a culmination of strengthening your Curriculum Vitae.
UTokyo is currently one of the best varsities in the world, and it inherently has brilliant people with
a lot of recognition, and an undying, motivating research atmosphere.
I am from the CSE background, and believe me, some people from this university have done quite a
load of magnificent work in the area. There is an option to choose the laboratory you want to work
in, and this provides flexibility to the applicant.

2) Japan?
When people say Japan is different, believe them! Because it is! This country has some very
beautiful, intriguing places and at the same time some crazy ‘addas’ to hang out at! The people are
very friendly and cooperative, and the country is very hospitable. It was an amazing experience to
not only work in such a high-rated intellectual country, but also get to know the Japanese in general.
The IJEP program had some excursions which entailed us visiting Japan’s Supercomputer, ride the
Shinkansen bullet train, a Sumo meet, a traditional tea ceremony; all of which added to the
excitement. And, in the two months span, I’ve probably travelled a lot more than 20 years in India.
As it was my first abroad experience, it was a bit intimidating, but the IJEP authorities had managed
the program quite well, making the task less daunting.

3) IJEP:
The program’s stipend is enough to buy you accommodation for 2 months, food throughout the
span, a trip to Mt. Fuji, a visit to Disneyland, outings each weekend and lots of souvenir, anime, and
miscellaneous shopping items! So, money won’t be a problem.
You’ll meet amazing people, live in a country which you’ll ultimately fall in love with, and visit
places which will leave you awestruck!
P.S. To the vegetarian people: Don’t fret! It’s not an obstacle, at all!
P.P.S. Visit Mt. Fuji! Just go for it. It’s godlike!