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Engineering Summer Education Program India 2020



The summer research internship program at School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, called ESEP (Engineering Summer Education Program), is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in scientific research projects at world-leading laboratories at the University of Tokyo.

Following the success of the IJEP Internship Program, which was part of a government-funded project, School of Engineering started a new program called ESEP- INDIA in 2019.

ESEP India provides research internships for students from collaborating Indian institutions in the various fields of engineering. Candidates for the internship are expected to have a strong interest in pursuing graduate level studies at the University of Tokyo.

2.Host labs

Students will be hosted by one of the laboratories listed on the host labs list. Any special academic requirements for internships in each lab are also indicated on the list.

3.Requirements and eligibility

ESEP-INDIA applicants must:

■ Be full-time students enrolled at one of the collaborating institutions (IIT Kanpur, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madras, Bombay and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore)

Have completed at least three full years in a bachelor’s degree program by the beginning of the internship (for undergraduate students), or have a bachelor’s degree in engineering (for master’s students).

■ Have a strong record of academic performance


May 18, 2020 – July 10, 2020

5.Number of participants

Up to 10 students

6.Financial support

Stipend: JPY 160,000 (JPY 80,000 monthly × 2 months)

・Participants must attend the internship for the whole period of May 18 to July 10 to be eligible for this stipend.

・Due to the expected scarce availability of accommodations in Tokyo for the Olympic year, the University of Tokyo will arrange a hostel for the participants (check-in May 17, check-out 11 July) and the cost will be covered by the University. Commuting costs should be borne by the students.

・The selected students must be covered by their own travel insurance for the entire duration of their stay in Japan. Participating students must submit copies of their insurance policy to the secretariat of School of Engineering’s Office of International Cooperation and Exchange before coming to Japan.


Applications to this program are accepted via the online application system T-cens ( Create an account in the T-cens system, then fill in the application form and submit the required files online. Applicants should prepare the below files for submission through the T-cens system.

■ Personal statement (Download)

Select a lab which you wish to join from the pull-down list.

■ Letter of recommendation issued by applicant’s supervising faculty member(Download).

Your supervisor can upload your recommendation letter directly to the T-cens system. Please be sure to ask your supervisor for the letter well in advance, and inform them about an e-mail they’ll receive from T-cens, which will explain how to access the T-cens system (caution: this e-mail might go to your supervisor’s junk e-mail folder). Please refer to the “How to upload a letter of recommendation” guide.

■ Scanned copy of latest official academic transcript(s) (including the previous academic year); master’s students should also submit their undergraduate academic transcript(s).

■ Submitted documents should be clear and readable. Illegible documents will be rejected. Screenshots of academic records will also not be accepted.

8.Application period

10:00 on November 15, 2019 (JST) – 24:00 on December 18, 2019 (JST)

9.Selection announcement

March 1, 2020

Selected students will be notified directly by email.


Q:  Do I need to contact the potential host professor at the University of Tokyo?

A: No. Selection will be completed using the submitted documents.

Q:  Can I arrive earlier than May 18?

A: Yes, you can. But the research start date is fixed on May 18, 2020 and you cannot start the research internship before attending your orientation on the first day (May 18). Students have to arrange their own accommodations for any period before May 17 or after July 11.

Q:  When will the online application period start?

A:  Online application is scheduled to start on November 15.

Q:  Can I choose more than one host lab?

A:  No, applicants can only apply for one lab.

Q:  Is Japanese language proficiency required?

A:  No, Japanese proficiency is not necessary.

Q: Can I apply for other faculties and schools, such as the Faculty of Agriculture, through this program?

A:  No. This program is organized by the School of Engineering. If you are interested in other faculties or schools, please contact them directly.

Q: How do I submit my letter of recommendation?

A:  Letters of recommendation can be uploaded to the T-cens system directly by your supervisor. Ask for the letter well in advance, and please also notify your supervisor of an E-mail they will receive from the T-cens system (and ensure it does not go to their junk E-mail folder).

Q: Does my supervisor have to use the designated template for the letter of recommendation?

A: You can use the sample template provided on T-cens or any other form of letter. Use of a template is not required.

Q: I don’t have my passport yet. Can I upload a different form of personal documentation?

A: You may upload a different document that verifies your identity (such as your student ID card), if your passport is not ready.

Q: I am from a university other than the designated collaborating institutions. Can I apply for this internship?

A: This program is only open to full-time students of collaborating institutions (IIT Kanpur, Kharagpur, Hyderabad, Delhi, Madras, Bombay and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore).

Q: When is the application deadline?

A: The deadline is 24:00 December 18, 2019 in Japanese Standard Time, not Indian Standard Time. Any applications submitted after this time will be invalid.

Q: Can I see any experiences from past participants?

A: You can see past experiences in “Students’ Voice”.

Q: What information do I need to fill in the Form 2 Additional Comments?

A: You do not have to fill in Form 2. Leave the form blank.

Q: How many recommendation letters do I need?

A: One recommendation letter is sufficient. Please refer to “How to upload a letter of recommendation” for more information.

Before contacting us, please read the above description and FAQs carefully. The information will answer most questions.


(Updated on Nov. 6  2019)