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Students’ Voice

India Tour 2017 Report     Yukimasa Higaki ( UTokyo )
28 Apr. 2017
India Tour 2017 Report     Takumi Hanaoka ( UTokyo )
28 Apr. 2017
Our airplane delayed because of the maintenance and changing the plane, so we waited for about 3 years. Therefore, our arrival time at IIT Delhi was around 12 PM. We stayed at Faculty Guest House ・・・・
India Tour 2017 Report     Atsushi Ishii ( UTokyo )
28 Apr. 2017
India Tour 2017 Report     Shin Takada ( UTokyo )
28 Apr. 2017
Research Report     Mikito Maruno ( UTokyo )
03 Mar. 2017
Indian Institute of Technology is the top university in India. IITs consist of more than 20 schools now, and old IITs located in Kharagpur, Bombay, Madras, Kanpur and Delhi are popular among them.
Research Report     Anupam Awasthi (Indian Railways)
11 Nov. 2016
My stay in Japan was very fruitful for the development of my personality as well as of knowledge. I will divide my summary in two parts. In the first part I shall cover my academic experience in ・・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2016    Jaiswal Akshaykumar(IIT Kharagpur)
01 Nov. 2016
Internships are crucial in determining future goal. Students who wish to go for higher studies and continue their career in research field foreign research Internships are really important for them・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2016     Keshav Patil (IIT Kharagpur)
02 Oct. 2016
IJEP is one of a unique life time experience one is privileged to have and wouldn’t be able to thank it enough. Let me start with my experience chronology. When I got to know that I was selected ・・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2016     Suraj Aggarwar (IIT Kharagpur)
20 Sep. 2016
Research Internship plays a very important and crucial role for someone to explore his field of interest and also open other career opportunities. It's not only about having industrial experience ・・・
IJEP Internship Program 2016     Dipasha Sinha (IIT Kharagpur)
04 Sep. 2016
I’m sure everyone understands the importance of Internships not only as a crucial part of the curriculum followed here, but also as a direction to future career goals. I aimed to go for a foreign ・・・・